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Cybersecurity March Madness

W2 Communications thought it would be fun to see how the top 64 companies, as rated in a popular cybersecurity 500 list, would do matched up against one another. Nothing scientific about this one – simply vote for the company that you like and the one with the most votes moves on to the next round. We have seeded them 1 vs 64, 2 vs 63 and so on. Who will win? Find out at the CYBERTACOS™ San Francisco event on April 16. Free to register, just go to

This is all in good fun and you can view the entire list of companies here:

- Round 1 is March 14 - March 19 
- Round 2 is March 20 - March 23
- Round 3 is March 24 - March 29
- Round 4 is March 30 - April 4
- Round 5 is April 5 - April 9
- Round 6 is April 10 - April 13