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W2 Communications Sets Date and Location for Seventh Annual Run! Geek! Run!
5K Race Benefitting the Equal Footing Foundation will be on August 24, 2014
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February 28, 2014
A Smartphone That Tries To Slip You Off The Grid
February 28, 2014
Encryption Would Have Stopped Snowden From Using Secrets
February 27, 2014
Video tutorial: What is Conficker?
February 26, 2014
An NSA-proof phone?
February 26, 2014
With Tech Outsourcing, The Internet Can Be 'A Scary Place'
February 25, 2014
Security-driven Blackphone to sell for $629; will people pay the premium?
February 25, 2014
Threat Manager Claims 100% Flaws in Cyber Security
February 24, 2014
RSAC: Your Bank May Be Secure, But Its Third-Party Vendors Aren't
February 24, 2014
Cisco Integrates Sourcefire Advanced Malware Protection Into Web, Email Gateways
February 7, 2014
Mobile Hacking Fears Beset Visitors to Sochi Olympics
February 7, 2014
Increase in Russian cyber-crime activity detected near Sochi
February 6, 2014
11 Ways to Improve Your IT Team's Productivity
February 5, 2014
Rebranded RSA Silver Tail Adds 3rd-Party Website Visibility
  February 4, 2014
Eliminating Hiring Bottlenecks in the Federal Government
February 4, 2014
Where Do You Land Along the Digital Privacy Spectrum
February 3, 2014
A fine mess: Global data breach legislation
February 3, 2014
The Open Source (R)evolution: From Great Technology to Greater Intelligence
February 3, 2014
Corero Launches New DDoS Protection Appliances for Service Providers
February 3, 2014
Tenable SecurityCenter Continuous View
January 30, 2014
A Phone for the Age of Snowden
January 28, 2014
Stumbling Blocks That Faceplant Security Analytics Programs
January 28, 2014
DDoS Just Won't Die
January 27, 2014
Bay Dynamics Unveils Big-Data-Based Fix for Insider Threats
January 27, 2014
Michaels Stores Investigating Attack Targeting Payment Cards
January 24, 2014
NSS Labs Intrusion Prevention Tests: Did Your Vendor Partner Pass?
January 23, 2014
Homeland Security Makes Cybersecurity A Managed Service
January 23, 2014
Civilian agencies can tap cross-domain info sharing tools
January 23, 2014
Facebook gives bug bounty of $33.5K for Remote Code Execution flaw
January 21, 2014
Washington area pops onto tech radar as alternative to Silicon Valley
January 17, 2014
Citrix SalesIQ enablement platform goes live; plus more news
January 15, 2014
Leaks detail NSA's arsenal for targeting disconnected computers
January 15, 2014
5 Security Services To Consider in 2014
January 11, 2014
Christie's staff should have used Snapchat
January 10, 2014
Could Snapchat Have Saved Chris Christie
January 10, 2014
Startups Often Focus On Data Security Too Late, If At All
January 9, 2014
CNBC Explains: How to encrypt your email
January 8, 2014
The case for forecasting cyberattacks
January 8, 2014
Leaked NSA Hacking Tools, Tactics, In Focus
January 8, 2014
Continuous auditing to fuel threat intelligence
January 3, 2014
Snapchat to Target Breaches Show Holiday Season Vulnerability
January 3, 2014
14 faces to watch in 2014: Chris Fedde
January 2, 2014
Small tech best placed to take on Big Brother
January 1, 2014
French Contractors Jump Into Market for Secure Communications
December 31, 2013
The security industry found its dream enemy in 2013. And new technical challenges, too
December 31, 2013
Slide Show: 8 Effective Data Visualization Methods for Security Teams

December 24, 2013
The Top 10 Data Center Stories of 2013
December 23, 2013
NSA Fallout in Europe Boosts Alternative to Google
December 23, 2013
The Biggest Privacy Stories of 2013
December 23, 2013
50 best Android apps of 2013
December 23, 2013
Silent Circle Announces Silent Contacts 1.0 App For Android
December 23, 2013
A growing threat: Privileged user abuse
December 23, 2013
Does retail security take a backseat during the 'holiday IT lockdown'?
December 19, 2013
Podcast: The Idea Behind a Global Bug Bounty Program
December 18, 2013
Researchers propose international vulnerability purchase plan
December 16, 2013
Cybercrime shopping list study points to falling prices
December 12, 2013
Companies Unprepared for DDoS Attaches
December 11, 2013
The continuing DDoS innovation trajectory
December 10, 2013
'Mystery' Malware Files Often Missed in Cleanup
December 10, 2013
Zero-day exploits: Separating fact from fiction
December 10, 2013
Your Network's Been Hacked: Get Used to It
December 10, 2013
Bug Bounty Flaws Remain Unpatched for 151 Days: Study
December 10, 2013
Defending against APTs: Looking for the big picture
December 9, 2013
Hacking The Zero-Day Vulnerability Market
December 9, 2013
Real-Time Big Data Security Analytics Incident Detection
December 6, 2013
Cybercriminals have access to 100 zero-day flaws on any day, NSS Labs calculates
December 5, 2013
Study finds zero-day vulnerabilities abound in popular software
December 5, 2013
Technology Can Drive Federal Hiring Reform
December 2, 2013
World War Z: Security Solutions Treat Symptoms, Not Causes
December 1, 2013
New Zealand companies set up shop in Arlington
November 26, 2013
Survey: DDoS is Hot, Planning is Not
November 22, 2013
Treatment options for device split personality
November 21, 2013
Many organizations struggle to define mobile work/play boundries
November 18, 2013
History of Computer Viruses, Part 1: The Early Days
November 15, 2013
Cyber security insurance grows in popularity
November 11, 2013
Sourcefire's founder's advice on building a company that sells for $2.7billion
November 6, 2013
After Sale to Cisco, Sourcefire Founder Roesch Strives to Keep Things Unchanged
November 6, 2013
SDN Market to Surge as Cloud Computing Grows, Research Firm Says
November 4, 2013
Managing Server Performance? Stop Using Server Management Tools
November 1, 2013
Study: Among top browsers, IE catches most socially engineered attacks
November 1, 2013
How Dark Mail Plans to Build an Open, Secure Email Platform
October 30, 2013
Lavabit And Silent Circle Join Forces To Make All Email Surveillance-Proof
October 28, 2013
Internet Explorer vastly superior at defeating social engineering attacks
October 21, 2013
Security tool keeps data safe across collaboration systems
October 15, 2013
The Keys to the Data Security Analytics Solutions: Algorithms, Visualization, Context, and Automation (AVCA)
October 11, 2013
Commercial tools playing extended role in cyberops
October 8, 2013
KEYW Subsidiary launches new cyber defense product
October 4, 2013
NPR's Science Friday: "Cracking Open Encryption Standards"
October 1, 2013
Understanding the Written Foreign Language

September 30, 2013
The Next Wave of Cloud Computing
September 16, 2013
20 essential business apps for iPhone and iPad
September 15, 2013
Encryption goes mainstream
September 13, 2013
What's in Our ITaaS Shopping Cart?
September 12, 2013
MegaPath Offers Cloud Capacity Assessment Service
September 7, 2013
How the N.S.A. Cracked the Web
August 18, 2013
China Video Tools for U.S. Help Spurs Spy Anxiety
August 16, 2013
Researchers Seek Better Ways to Track Malware's Family Tree
August 14, 2013
NPulse adds full indexing to 10g packet capture appliance
August 12, 2013
Zimmermann's Law
August 8, 2013
State Governments Must Think Critically About Cybersecurity
July 28, 2013
Sourcefire founder: Cisco deal is 'a good match'
July 24, 2013
Internet Explorer Protects Your Privacy Better than Chrome. Really!
July 19, 2013
Mastering Big Data
 July 16, 2013
MegaPath battles cable with asymmetric 50/10 Mbps Ethernet offering
July 10, 2013
Enterprise IT Ops with BlueStripe and Microsoft Systems Center
July 1, 2013
How to Keep Your Apps Running Optimally: 10 Best Practices 
June 28, 2013
HR Can't Ignore Big Data
June 17, 2013
Securing the Internet in a Post 9/11 World
June 14, 2013
Hiding Your Calls and Texts From Big Brother
June 3, 2013
Op-ed: Six Ways to Reach Millenial Job Seekers
May 31, 2013
Cyber Attacks Mean Big Business for Small Security Firms
May 16, 2013
The Year of the Hybrid Cloud
April 18, 2013
Building a Hackproof Network
April 4, 2013
How to Overcome SharePoint Performance Headaches

March 25, 2013
Who has responsibility for cloud security? A Network World roundtable


March 20, 2013
Next-generation firewalls are actually getting better
March 7, 2013
Accellion Launches Global Partner Program
February 5, 2013
Security Pioneer Creates Services to Encrypt Phone Calls & Text Messages
February 4, 2013
Roesch: Media Hackings Politically Motivated

November 16, 2012
Xceedium’s Glenn Hazard performing a post-Sandy ‘balancing act’
October 16, 2012
2013: The Next Frontier of Cloud
October 3, 2012
Securing Enterprise Data Inside Mobile Devices: 10 Way sto Keep it Safe
October 2, 2012
See it, protect it, control it: A roundtable discussion

September 27, 2012
Internet Explorer Blocks More Malware Than Firefox, Chrome, Safari


September 27, 2012
You might be surprised at which Web browser aced this security test


September 27, 2012
Internet Explorer Shines in NSS Labs Browser Security Test

September 26, 2012
Integration is the Name of the Game

September 19, 2012
Military Intelligence Demands More Mobile + Flexible SCIF


September 13, 2012
KEYW to acquire Sensage in deal worth up to $34.5M


September 13, 2012
KEYW Agrees To Acquire Privately Held Sensage Inc. - Quick Facts


September, 13, 2012
KEYW Corporation (KEYW) Acquires Sensage for $18 Million Cash Plus Stock

September 13, 2012
MegaPath serves up set of new cloud hosted services

September 10, 2012
Can the cloud really keep a (government) secret?

September 19, 2012
People: David Mountain
September 13, 2012
Trailer Technologies Offers Capabilities Beyond Simple Asset Management

September 9, 2012
Why are companies so bad at responding to data breaches?

September 4, 2012
Husqvarna Group Selects BlueStripe’s FactFinder for Transaction Management

September 4, 2012
MTN, Jetstream Partner to Launch Maritime HD Streaming Video Service

  September 4, 2012
Inconsistent Measurement, Coordination Stunting Security Management Progress

August 31, 2012
Using Personal File-Sharing Sites for Corporate Data

  August 29, 2012
Survey says: Your security measuring stick stinks
  August 29, 2012
Key challenges in proactive threat management

August 28, 2012
M2M Transportation: Tracking Assets for the Enterprise


August 28, 2012
MTN Worldwide TV is now available to more ships

  August 28, 2012
Survey Tracks Security’s "Bad Mood" Trend, Need for Improvement
August 28, 2012
Security Management Challenged by Inconsistent Measurement, Survey Finds
August 28, 2012
Survey Tracks Security’s ‘Bad Mood’ Trend, Need for Improvement

August 27, 2012
Husqvarna’s e-commerce app to unify workflow with business partners, factories


August 27, 2012
The Importance of Transaction Monitoring in the Cloud


August 27, 2012
Fleets Expect More from Asset-Tracking Systems


August 27, 2012
Vendors roll out new tools for securing VMware environments


August 23, 2012
Readers' Votes Determine Top 50 Channel Programs of 2012


August 24, 2012: Strategy
18 Mobile Productivity Apps


August 22, 2012
People: Gregory Burnell


August 21, 2012
Even More Security Pros Discuss US Cybersecurity Laws


August 20, 20212
CCSi, Foreground Security Win $30M to Support Medicare & Medicaid Services; David Amsler Comments


August 17, 2012
MegaPath Opens New Sales Office in Phoenix


August 16: 2012
Executive Profile: Lisa Brown, President of Raytheon Trusted Computer Solutions

August 13, 2012
Leaky Buckets: The IT Risks From File-Sharing Services

August 13, 2012
Cybersecurity Experts Blast US IT Security Legislation

August 10, 2012
MegaPath Moves Back to Pleasanton

August 10, 2012
Raytheon Developing Secure Redisplay Client For Its Trusted Thin Client System


August 9, 2012
Raytheon unveils broadened cross domain strategy


August 8, 2012

   August 8, 2012
Bad Guys In Your Office

August 3, 2012
Off-Road Telematics: Why the Disconnect?


August 2, 2012
MTN CEO Explains Why Ku-band was Key in Intelsat EpicNG Deal


August 1, 2012
MTN Government Services... RSOC Resource For DoD (SATCOM)


August 1, 2012
Needed: Better app control


August 1, 2012
The New Olympic Sport: Information Security Attacks



July 31, 2012
Imagine Gallery: Channel People On the Move, May-July 2012



July 28, 2012
The Case for Private-Cloud File Storage and Sharing


July 27, 2012
MegaPath Sets Up Phoenix Office


July 26, 2012
More Than Half Of Major Banks Infected With Conficker, Zeus, Fake AV, Other Malware


July 26, 2012
Black Hat 2012: Poor mobile app security drains enterprise data


July 26, 2012
More Than Half Of Major Banks Infected With Conficker, Zeus, Fake AV, Other Malware


July 25, 2012
Large Global Banks Still Plagued by Conficker, Zeus Malware: Report


July 25, 2012
Majority of the largest world banks harbor malware infections


July 19, 2012
Why Visibility And Control Are Essential When Advanced Malware Flares

  July 18, 2012
Mobile App Makers Introduce Joint Solution For Securing Enterprise DataAOL


July 17, 2012
Big Data: Unlocking the Potential of Information


July 17, 2012
Accellion tightens security on enterprise-grade mobile apps

  July 16, 2012
Solution Keeps Video Tellers Stable and Running

July 16, 2012
Master Agent MegaPath's Partner Portal Now Includes New Tools


July 13, 2012
Federal Agencies Struggle To Meet Cloud Mandate


July  11, 2012
Harnessing Big Data for Better Security


July 10, 2012
Search for patient zero: uncovering malware infection at the source


July 3, 2012
Sharing Security Best Practices Among Federal Agencies:  The Time Has Come


July 2, 2012
Storm's Impact On Amazon Data Center Renews Cloud Concerns


June 27, 2012
Ed Hammersla Talks Cross Domain Solutions, Mobile Technology and Farm Life


June 22, 2012
MegaPath Appoints New Global Sales Chief


June 21, 2012 (Note: Article appeared on June 21, but was dated July 1)
Executive Moves News

June 19, 2012
Credit Union Times: Coastal FCU Goes First With PTM Monitoring Tool

June 17, 2012
The Download: Georgetown Tech Company Sees Big Opportunities in Big Data


June 17, 2012
Amazon spreads its Web in Washington


June 14, 2012
Stopping the Chinese Hacking Onslaught


June 12, 2012
MegaPath Adds Tools to Partner Portal

June 6, 2012
Triangle Business Journal: BlueStripe Software lands Coastal Federal deal

June 6, 2012
Xceedium lands $12M in new financing

June 5, 2012
Finding Patient Zero: The Key To Responding To Malware Attacks

June 5, 2012
Xceedium Unveils Xsuite Cloud On Amazon Web Services

June 5, 2012
DGI 2012 - Working Together 

June 4, 2012
MegaPath Launches Speed Test Plus

June 4, 2012 
Private Eye Keeps Prying Eyes Off Your Screen

June 1, 2012
On fertile ground: Social networking

May 30, 2012
MegaPath Tool Lets Businesses Test Connection Quality

May 29, 2012
Thrift Savings Plan Hackers Could Be Targeting Other Government Data


May 24, 2012
Lookingglass’ ScoutVision adds visibility in managing partner security risks

May 23, 2012
Women In Technology (WIT) Leadership Awards Honor DC Professionals

May 22, 2012
MTN Hires Turner


May 22, 2012
Products of the week 5.21.12

May 21, 2012
Robert Turner | People on the Move
May 18, 2012
Women in Technology get awards for work in IT
May 16, 2012
BlueStripe Creates Simplifies FactFinder with Java Friendly Version 6

May 16, 2012
Department of Homeland Security Issues Warning on Medical Device Threats

May 9, 2012
Jackson Hewitt Partners with BlueStripe Software to Manage Tax-Time Applications

May 7, 2012
Slide Show: Best of the Best – A Top Partner Roundup

May 3, 2012
Gartner Names BlueStripe Software as a Cool Vendor

April 30, 2012
MegaPath Hosted Data Backup, Storage Offering Aimed at Small Businesses


April 23, 2012
MTN upgrades maritime TV service


April 23, 2012
Threats Vs. Readiness


April 12, 2012
EXECUTIVE STYLE COLUMN: Izurieta Helps Guide Wireless Matrix’s Journey To Innovation


April 16, 2012
Dave Williams, MegaPath Wholesale


April 5, 2012
Focus: Game-Changing Trend Drivers For The Cruise Industry


April 5, 2012
MegaPath: Channel Integration Strategy is Working


April 3, 2012
Security information management systems aspire to real-time security


April 2, 2012
Some CISOs consider ripping out of augmenting outdated SIEM systems


March 31, 2012: GIGAOM
Autonomics are the future of IT


March 19, 2012: Enterprise Networking Planet
Is China Putting Backdoors into Networking Gear?

March 12, 2012: SC Magazine
Inside social engineering tests

March 7, 2012: BankInfo Security
Coping with Breach Threats


March 6, 2012: Security Bistro
Is security growing up? Business intelligence is a key; Sensage extends connectors to BI tools


March 5, 2012:
The RSA breach: One year later


March 1, 2012: Information Management
New Product News: BlueStripe Software announced the availability of its transaction monitoring solution, FactFinder.


March 1, 2012: Debate: SC Magazine
Debate: The attack du jour, APTs, are real threats.

February 29, 2012: SatMagazine
Executive Spotlight: Errol Olivier
February 21, 2012: Forbes

Sourcefire Q4 Tops Street; Shares Jump After Hours

February 16, 2012: Dark Reading

Most Small Healthcare Practices Hacked in the Past 12 Months

February 12, 2012: The Baltimore Sun
To Find Investors: Go West, Young Startup — But Come Back
February 9, 2012: Network World
Demand Growing for Application Performance Management Tools, Experts Say
January 23, 2012: Network World
Sourcefire Debuts Anti-Malware Software FireAMP for Enterprise
January 9, 2012: Satellite Today
MTN Promotes Olivier to CEO, Wright to Executive Chairman
January 6, 2012: CRN
Watch Out Dropbox: Up-and-Comers Want Cloud Storage, Share of the Spotlight
December 21, 2011: Dark Reading
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Hits by Chinese Cyberspies
December 15, 2011: Channel Partners
MegaPath Bolsters Managed Security Capabilities
December 6, 2011: Satellite Today
MTN Satellite Communications Hooks Up New Cruise Ship Deal
December 5, 2011: Network World
IPS: Best of breed or integrated solution?
November 30, 2011: Fed Tech Bisnow
Get Some Cloud Class
November 27, 2011: CSO
In 2012, a Mobile Security Minefield
November 16, 2011: eChannelLine
Next-Generation Firewall Deployments Supplementing, Not Replacing Existing Solutions
November 15, 2011: TechWorld
Watch Out for Scam Emails at Work this Season
November 7, 2011: The Daily CrowdSource
MegaPath Announces Top Six Winners of Crowdsourcing Contest with Zooppa
November 1, 2011: NovaExec
This Year's Top 10 Women in Business
November 1, 2011: Signal Magazine
Putting Satellites in Soldiers Hands
October 24, 2011: Federal Computer Week
Overcome your mobile insecurity
October 19, 2011: eWeek
Researches Believe Newly Discovered Duqu Worm is Stuxnet 2.0
October 19, 2011: Network Computing
BlueStripe Provides Insight Into Why Apps Fail
October 4, 2011: Forbes
A New Approach to Protect Against Cyber Attacks
September 21, 2011: Satellite Today
MTN, Sensory International to Deliver VSAT Services to 'Super Yachts'
September 19, 2011:
10 Gigabit Ethernet technology: A viable option for SMBs?
September 19, 2011: Transport Topics
SkyBitz Sells 1,500 More Tracking Units to Ga. Carrier Brown Trucking
September 14, 2011: Government Computer News
Your eyes only: CIA tech blurs computer screens to others
September 12, 2011: SC Magazine
Is your security infrastructure agile enough?
September 7, 2011: Dark Reading
Disclosure in the APT Age
September 2011: Training Industry Quarterly
Four Essential Components of Effectively Training a Global Workforce
September 2011: BSMdigest
An Interview with BlueStripe CEO
August 24, 2011: Washington Technology
Will a national alert systems be ready for the next emergency?
August 5, 2011: SatNews
MTN Communications Must Be Doing Something Right - Three Decades of Success
July 28, 2011: Defense Systems
Cross-domain office aims for secure data sharing
July 15, 2011: Washington Business Journal
CFO of the Year Awards: Business Services
July 1, 2011: SC Magazine
Keeping an eye on the prize: PrivateEye from Oculis Labs
June 22, 2011: dcTechSource
Area Companies Shine in Inaugural Technology Leadership Awards
June 15, 2011: Computerworld
Enterprises get new guidance on PCI compliance in virtual environments

June 13, 2011: The New York Times
Thieves Found Citigroup an Easy Entry
June 10, 2011: Training Magazine
Training at All Costs: A CLO's Perspective
June 9, 2011: Executive Leaders Radio
Greater Metro DC Leaders featuring Learning Tree International
June 8, 2011: GCN
To defeat phishing, Energy learns to phish
June 6, 2011: Channel Partners
MegaPath to Align MegaPath Business with Channel
May 31, 2011: Washington Technology
Raytheon steps out of the shadows
May 25, 2011: CNBC
Profiting (Legally) From Cyber Insecurity 
May 23, 2011: InfoWorld
How to stop your executive from being harpoon
  May 19, 2011: PC Magazine
Security Watch Blog  
Baltimore BusinessJournal May 19, 2011: Baltimore Business Journal 
TeleCommunication Systems open cyber training school 
May 17, 2011: SecurityWeek
The Evolving Role of Intrusion Prevention Systems 
May 16, 2011: Government Computer News 
With a click, employees invite a vampire into the network
May 12, 2011: Integrated Solutions for Retailers 
Podcast: The Truth About Security and Compliance 
May 12, 2011: Urgent Communications 
NENA's i3 standard approval delay continues 
May 9, 2011: Defense Systems 
Satellite terminals slim down for battlefield missions
May 5, 2011: Channel Partners 
Case Study: Pace International Saves Thousands Per Year With MegaPath Hosted VoIP
  May 5, 2011: SatNews
MTN Satellite Communications (MTN)...Moving On Up...
May 3, 2011: Digital Ship
Santander teleport opens 
April 28, 2011: Computerworld
Sony hack highlights importance of breach analysis
April 28, 2011: SecurityWeek
Overcoming Cloud Security Challenges
April 27, 2011: Washington Technology
Rayteon moves to pursue thin-client demands
April 25, 2011: TMCNet
MegaPath's MPLS Eliminates Traffic Bottlenecks for Optimal Performance
April 19, 2011: Satnews Daily
TeleCommunication Systems... Go Forth And SIN (SATCOM)
April 18: Network Computing
Sourcefire Enchances, Extends IPS Protection To SMEs
April 18, 2011: Enterprise Networking Planet
Sourcefire Adds FirePOWER to IPS
April 18, 2011: Network World
More powerful Sourcefire IPS line sets stage for next-gen firewalls
April 18, 2011: CRN
Former MegaPath Channel Chief Returns as President
April 7, 2011: Threatpost
Expert: Three Quarters of Employees Duped by Phishing Scams
April 6, 2011: CSO Magazine
5 tips to avoid getting phished
April 4, 2011: IT Business Edge
Cost Savings with Hosted Voice
April 1, 2011: SC Magazine
Life after Stuxnet: Infrastructure safeguards
March 15, 2011: Fierce Telecom
MegaPath furthers its bond with Ethernet over Copper
March 15, 2011: Connected Planet
MegaPatch to upgrade copper-over-Ethernet speeds
March 14, 2011: SecurityWeek
Breaking Through the Virtualization Roadblock
March 1, 2011: SC Magazine
Feeding frenzy: M&A activity in IT security
 Federal Computer Week February 28, 2011: Federal Computer Week
Why you can't stop insider threats
February 28, 2011: SatnewsDaily
Looks like a new GSM systems will soon be en route to the National Guard in Flordia
February 18, 2011: CRN
Channel Chiefs: The List
February 17, 2011: Visual Studio Magazine
Survey: Devs Adopting Open Source, But Management Lacking
Forbes February 16, 2011: Forbes
America's Top 25 Fastest-Growing Tech Companies
February 15, 2011: SC Magazine
  February 9, 2011: eSecurity Planet
Sourcefire Immunet Lets You Write Your Own A/V Signatures
Baltimore BusinessJournal February 8, 2011: Baltimore Business Journal
Government, private industry convene for cyber jobs forum
The Washington Post February 7, 2011: The Washington Post
Opportunity knocks for small companies in mobile computing market
February 7, 2011: American Medical News
Healthcare embraces the iPad: Doctors jump on new technology
February 3, 2011: CTO Edge
Goverance Issues May Bedevil Open Source Projects
February 2, 2011: Windows IT Pro
How a Cloud-Based Antivirus Solution Changes the Game
January 11, 2011: Inc. Magazine
Unintended Consequences: How to Keep Social Media from Becoming a Security Risk January 6, 2011:
Sourcefire Acquires AV Vendor Immunet
January 6, 2011: CRN
Sourcefire Gets Into Cloud Computing Security With Immunet Buy
January 5, 2011: NetworkWorld
Sourcefire acquires Immunet for cloud-based anti-malware
January 5, 2011: TechCrunch
Cloud Security Heats up as Sourcefire Pays $21M for Immunet
December 10, 2010: Washington Technology
TCS takes DOD personnel to school for cybersecurity training
Baltimore BusinessJournal December 10, 2010: Baltimore Business Journal
TeleCommunication Systems nabs $49M cyber security contract
December 2, 2010: Fierce VoIP
Broadvox employs Covad for IP backhaul aggregation to handle growing voice traffic
InforWorld December 1, 2010: InfoWorld
Sonatype links Apache Maven build manager with the Eclipse IDE
  November 29, 2010: The Hill - Washington Scene
Capitol Christmas tree has a Twitter account
November 2010: IT Training
Trainer-to-Trainer: "On the Ground"
November 22, 2010: SC Magazine
Network forensics: Are today's pros up to par?
November 12, 2010: Washington Technology
TCS to upgrade Navy satellite system
October 27, 2010: NetworkWorld
Sourcefire to Crash Next-Generation Firewall Party
October 22, 2010: Processor
Planning the Security Budget
October 19, 2010: InfoWorld
Sonatype enhancing cloud-based software repository
October 13, 2010: Washington Technology
TCS adds former satellite CEO to government sales unit
October 12, 2010: InformationWeek
Phishers Target Social Media, Universities

October 8, 2010: Investor's Business Daily
Building A Barbed-Wire Net
October 4, 2010: Training Magazine
Learning AnyWare Courses Expanded

September 23, 2010: Popular Mechanics
What are Flash Cookies and How Can You Stop Them?

September 23, 2010: CRN
Bulked-Up Megapath Charts Course for Channel Growth

September 14, 2010: ExecutiveBiz
Executive Spotlight: Frank Blaul of Equifax

The Washington Post September 13, 2010: The Washington Post's Capital Business
The Download: Sonatype switches coasts

September 7, 2010: Network World
Products of the Week

August 26, 2010: Security Systems News
Inc. 500 - another search for security companies

August 17, 2010: Washington Technology
Equifax targets federal market with new strategy

August 5, 2010: Washington Business Journal
Cyveillance: Malware attacks often not detected

August 4, 2010: BBJ's Back to Work Blog (Baltimore Business Journal)
BoxTone poised to hire following latest funding round

August 2, 2010: Homeland Security Today
Cyber Shockwave's Early Warning

August 2010: Heavy Duty Trucking
No Muss, No Fuss: The Latest in Trailer Tracking

July 30, 2010: ZDNet
Snort Adds Razorback project targets malware, zero-day exploits


July 15, 2010: Executive Leaders Radio
Executive Leaders DC


July 9, 2010: Channel Insider
Sourcefire Displacing Legacy IPS Vendors

July 8, 2010: Government Computer News
Access control: Feds search for scalable solution

July 2010: Linux Pro Magazine
Tight Ship: Scanning, fixing, and reporting security issues with Security Blanket

June 30, 2010: SC Magazine
HIPAA encryption: meeting today's regulations

June 18, 2010: USA Today
Microsoft opens center for reports of identity and data theft

June 11, 2010: Connected Planet
MegaPath/Speakeasy Merger Targets Growth, Cost Reduction

June 11, 2010: Washington Business Journal
Annapolis Tech Company Planning College to Turn Out 'Cyber Warriors'

June 8, 2010: Business Insider
10 Essential Data-Security Measures Every Business Should Take

May 25, 2010: Computerworld
BoxTone launches tool for single management view of mobile devices

  May 25, 2010: IntoMobile
BoxTone rolls out management tools for coporate smartphones 

May 12, 2010: CSO
Inside Sourcefire's Vulnerability Research Team

May 4, 2010: Gartner
Next privacy battleground: Enterprises start monitoring employee Facebook activities

May 2010: National Defense Magazine
Breaking Down Language Barriers on the Battlefield

April 29, 2010: Baltimore Business Journal
Acquisitions translate into profile for TCS

April 22, 2010: Defense Systems
Collaborative tech morphs data into intelligence

April 14, 2010: Government Computer News
Wave of smart devices may drown mobile managers

April 1, 2010: Light Reading
Covad/MegaPath Will Keep Buying

March 22, 2010: Fleet Equipment
Telematics and remote control

March 15, 2010: Washington Technology
TCS upgrades US communications capabilities in SW Asia

March 12, 2010: ChannelWeb
Emtec Helps Pharmaceutical Maker Lower IT Costs

March 11, 2010: dcTechSource
Companies Step Up Responses to Advanced Persistent Threats

March 4, 2010: BankInfoSecurity
Video: Security Vendors

March 3, 2010: NetworkWorld
Podcast: Managing Mobility: The Next 5 Years

February 24, 2010: USA Today
Intel discloses yet another corporate network breach

February 24, 2010: eWeek
ANALYSIS: Planning to Support Employee-Owned Devices


February 24, 2010: Credit Union Times
Little Box Gives EECU Compliance Assurance, Password


February 2010: Military Information Technology
Dot-Connecting Across Domains

January 28, 2010: Federal News Radio
Machines used to bridge language barriers
January 26, 2010: Health Management Technology
Answering the HITECH Act Wake-Up Call


January 26, 2010: SatNews Magazine
SkyBitz - A Firm Handle On M2M Asset Management


January 20, 2010: Baltimore Sun BaltTech Blog
More companies now have to worry about "advanced persistent threat"

January 8, 2010: MobileEnterprise
Managing Your BlackBerry Environment

December 2009: Government Security News
Winning Military Battles Requires Secure Info-Sharing - Guest Column by COO Ed Hammersla December 31, 2009: Investor's Business Daily
Aligning Pay with Firm's Expectations

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RIM Suffers BlackBerry Backlash

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How, and why, to harden your smartphone

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TCS Nabs Networks In Motion

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Q&A: Johannes Scholtes, Chief Strategy Officer, ZyLAB North America

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Emtec Federal will provide IT products for CDC offices worldwide

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Twenty years of reporting on information security: Snort

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Are Your Passwords Too Weak?


The Wall Street Journal
October 29, 2009: The Wall Street Journal
Sourcefire 3Q Tops Forecasts On Strong Sales Growth

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BoxTone Extends Smartphone Support

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Is phishing on the decline, or just moving to a new phishing hole?

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Waging War with the Web
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Seven Keys to the MPLS Kingdom
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Domain-name wars: Rise of the cybersquaters
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BlackBerry User Self-Service Product Eases Help Desk Burden
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The Transition To IP - How + Why To Up The Pace
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Cybersecurity Firm Helps Defend Computer Networks From Snoops
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The Greatest Open Source Software of All Time
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Build Your Business in Your Local Community
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As Technology Needs Grow, One Sector Has No Shortage of Jobs
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Capturing the private cloud
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Fed cyber review revealed, action awaited
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The Beltway Battle for Cyber Turf
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VSM Podcast: Sourcefire
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Sourcefire Readies Virtual Intrusion Prevention Appliances
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Cyber Security Review: Nine ideas on what it means to you
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VSAT proves crucial to battlefield communications
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Three Tales of Growth in a Recession
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Cyber Plan: Security exec remains underwhelmed by Obama’s vision
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Cybersecurity Plan to Boost IT Firms, But Doubts Persist
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NACStech Show Floor Report, Part II
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SugarCRM, Sourcefire, Compiere upgrades almost ready to roll
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10 year anniversary for intrusion prevention product
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Avoid Rash Decisions to Weather the Down Economy
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Snort to Go Virtual May 28, 2009:
Snort open source IDS turns 10
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Anne Arundel’s TeleCommunication Systems pays $25M for wireless firm
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Adobe Adopts Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday Approach May 13, 2009:
Cost Cutting Resources for SMBs
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Keeping Agency Data Safe
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QinetQ to Acquire Cyber Intelligence Solutions Provider Cyveillance
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Triumfant Beats Out Malware In Real Time
Investor’s Business Daily May 7, 2009: Investor’s Business Daily
Rise of Location-Based Wireless Applications Points Way For TCS
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Peer-to-peer software facilitates collaboration and security threats
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Setting Bait to Track Data Thieves
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Open-source companies log impressive growth
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Cyber Leaders Must Coordinate to Avoid Conflicts
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Smart Grid Gets A Security Kick
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It Just Gets Well
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Are security issues delaying adoption of cloud computing?
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Gates to Nominate NSA Chief to Head New Cyber Command
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The Top Five Things We Think You’ll See at RSA
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Anti-malware efforts move past signatures for new ways to find unwanted code
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5 Security Flubs Users Make When Browsing the Web
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Products Shown At the RSA Conference
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Control of Cybersecurity Becomes Divisive Issue
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AppTek Grows Its Sphere of Influence
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Phishing Attacks Surge Amid Recession
BusinessWeek April 13, 2009: BusinessWeek Top Tips Blog
Remember to Think Local When Marketing April 7, 2009:
TeleCommunication Systems gets favorable ruling in patent infringement lawsuit April 3, 2009:
Deals around the State
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Web Browsers Remain Vulnerable to User Mistakes
April 2, 2009: All Points Blog (Directions Magazine)
Location-based SMS
SC Magazine April 1, 2009: SC Magazine
Conficker Expectedly Chaos-Free As It Activates Across the World April 1, 2009:
No problems so far as April Fools’ computer worm awakens
April 1, 2009: Via Satellite
Government Contract Vehicles: Life Line or Fault Line
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Making Tough Decisions in a Down Economy
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The Power of Persistence
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Comparative Analysis: VOIP PBX for Small Business
March 24, 2009: Government Computer News
Smart Grid will only be as good as security behind it March 21, 2009:
'Smart Grid' May Be Vulnerable to Hackers
InfoWorld March 21, 2009: InfoWorld
Power Grid Is Found Susceptible to Cyberattack
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Wireless Carrier nTelos Turns to TCS LBS
Washington Business Journal March 20, 2009: Washington Business Journal (Cover Story)
Protests of Federal Contract Decisions Rise Sharply
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Cyber Scammers
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4 Steps to the Security Industry’s Economic Survival
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Security in ISP Networks
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White House urged to stop cyber attacks
CRN March 10, 2009: CRN
25 solutions to see at FOSE
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NSA Dominance of Cybersecurity Would Lead to 'Grave Peril', Ex-Cyber Chief Tells Congress
The Wall Street Journal March 3, 2009: The Wall Street Journal
When Big Resumes Chase Small Jobs
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New antivirus software looks at behaviors, not signatures